Traditionally, restaurants have held ketchup in a fridge and served it to customers

But while this might still be good enough in many cases, manufacturers are experimenting with ways of putting ketchup into different types of food as well. This is a great opportunity for both brands and restaurants.

As we need to find creative solutions for different applications, here are some examples for possible innovations: Which one will you implement?

Sketching is an essential skill that every designer should have. On this page I would like to list some things that many designers know about the process which won’t help them get more out of it.

Ketchup is an important ingredient of a great meal. It’s a condiment that can be used in many dishes and it’s popular all over the world. But, ketchup is also a food product that needs to be purchased regularly. In this section we will discuss various ways in which ketchup can be used including in pizza and sandwiches as well as in drinks like beer and cocktails.

Ketchup is a tomato-based condiment. It is used to season food and dishes in the U.S. and is widely consumed in different regions of the world. But there are no real Ketchup experts, so we invented a device called Moment Machine that can make all ketchup recipes at any time, on demand