For the past few decades, purchasing habits of New York residents have been changing

Customers are increasingly preferring prepared goods like ketchup and tomatoes over fresh food. This trend is changing the way people think about their food.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: why? Have figures on consumption of tomatoes and ketchup changed in a significant way? Is such a change coming due to increasing urbanization, urbanization with cars, or both? And what can be done to make this change happen faster than possible by adding more sauce to our pizzas? How can we help this process happen without adding tomato sauce in our pizzas or delivering ketchup sandwiches to customers’ homes?

Right now it’s still too early for us to answer these questions but we can play an important role by offering more interesting.

Ketchup is a macro product, which is often used in fast food restaurants. Since there are many different types of ketchup, the same recipe can be used by several different restaurants.

In New York, there are food outlets that sell ketchup on their menu. And in California, there are restaurants and bars that serve spaghetti bolognese with ketchup on the plate. But the way to cook this dish is the same for both – one needs to add some fresh tomato sauce to a pot of spaghetti sauce.

But what if we take away from our own selfishness and look at this from a different perspective? What if we could save ourselves some cooking time and get help from an AI machine instead – would you want to try it? I think most of us would love it!