A full-color, food-related infographic with a great recipe for ketchup in New York

Ketchup is a condiment and must be used with certain types of food. It has been a staple of New York City since the days of Abe Lincoln. In fact, this sauce was first introduced in 1859 as a way to serve roast beef at the White House. Since then, ketchup has become an icon for the city.

When you are in a new city, sometimes it’s hard to remember the name of all the food places you’ve been before and life feels like a vacation.

In New York, there are a lot of supermarkets in different locations with different products. But there is one supermarket in particular that always seems to have the same ketchup: IKEA.

In New York, there is a mad rush to buy ketchup. There are lots of options in supermarkets and since we live in the city, we have to look for better options. In the big supermarkets a lot of people can’t find ketchup. Usually there’s no good choice on the shelf and so they just buy some other condiment that has good taste and at a cheaper price. Ketchup is an important product along with tomatoes, pizza ingredients or the Pocky brand of chocolate.

Ketchup is a condiment normally used in food. However, the New York City market is turning to ketchup as a healthier alternative.